Master Thesis - CFD two-phase bubble flow in kettles*

[Pullach by Munich]

What you will enjoy doing:

  • For the design of kettles, the exact knowledge of the two-phase flow height is crucial to ensure a continuous moistening of the tubes and provide sufficient gas volume above the two-phase bubble layer to minimize droplet entrainment.
  • Current design methods are conservative and lead to large and expensive heat exchangers.
  • Due to the complexity of the boiling mechanism conventional CFD methods are not able to predict the two-phase bubble flow height at economically justifiable effort.
  • New methods of the simulation tool OpenFOAM combine the advantages of an euler-euler approach (bubble flow) with the volume of fluid method (liquid surface) in a hybrid model.
  • This hybrid model shows high potential to predict the two-phase bubble flow height with sufficient accuracy at reasonable effort.
  • Literature survey in respect to simulation of boiling fluids
  • Familiarization with the hybrid model, setup and validation of academic test cases from literature
  • Simulation of a quasi-two-dimensional segment of an industrial scale kettle
  • Investigate influence of the bubble size, heat-flux and media (e.g. water and hydrocarbons) on the two-phase bubble flow height
  • Derivation of prediction methods for the design of a kettle based on the CFD results

What makes you great :

  • Student (m/f) of chemical/process/mechanical engineering or related field of study with very good academic results and very good knowledge of German or English language
  • Sound knowledge in the fields of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and tow phase flow
  • Experience with CFD solver OpenFOAM

Why you will love working at Linde:

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Linde AG, Engineering Division
Frau Julia Specht
Tel. +49 89 7445 4464

*Any designations used of course apply to persons of all genders. The form of speech used here is for simplicity only.

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